Series 60 SDK

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  • June 19, 2005
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Help PleaseĀ  Sad
1st Problem
This emulator has a debug and release version
Installed Opl over the debug version
OplTestS60 icon on screen when tried to run it
It says opltests60.opo does not exist

Installed Martin Dehlers CalBMI to see if it works on the emulator
icon appears on screen
Tried to run it and get System Error !!!

Installed FExplorer
Program Works

Tried to run tMenuCascade61.opo via FExplore and it works (sample)

Translated opltests60.tpl
Opl files translated via Nokia Emulator and also via command line using
Neither works
Keeps getting errors —– Program closed opl !!!

Copied calbmi.opo from its app folder into a folder
Tried to run it via FExplore

Translated a small program and tried to run it
Program closed opl !!!

Cannot get my or sample opl programs to run after I have translated them

What am I doing wrong?

2nd Problem

Tried to build a C++ wrapper
Installed is Perl build 518 with update (had Perl originally)
followed OPLwrapper0 readme file
bldmake bldfile

abld build oplwrapper0
error ————–
This project does not support platform, build or program “OPLWRAPPER0”
Any suggestions and assistance would be welcome

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