Create sis-file?

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  • August 27, 2001
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I wrote an OPL-program for my S60 (N-Gage qd). Actually I ported this software from my S80 (Nokia 9500). So I am programming (and translating) via my S80-device … I don’t have a S60-Win-emulator.

“keeCALC ” is a simple and small (16k) scientific RPN-Calculator. To operate efficiently and fast a configurable virtual keyboard can be enabled.

Now I would like to create a sis-file to start keeCALC from my “desktop” (via logo). Martin Dehler told me that it isn’t that easy to do this as for the quickstart a C-wrapper (?) is needed.

As I am a beginner with OPL (and a novice in creating a sis-file) I ask someone to help me.

Thanks in advance

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