Arjen’s page

Started in 1998 with OPL on a Ericsson MC218 and now programming OPL and C++ on a Nokia Communicator 9210i and 9500.
OPL Projects:
CEDict 9200 (alternative link) – a freeware Chinese-English dictionary
– Biorythm (alternative link) – freeware Biorythm program with very nice graphics – under development
– Memory – simple memory game in OPL (I lost the bitmaps in between backups, so I need to add some bitmaps to this game before I can release it)
– CellTrackFree (alternative link) – OPL program that utilitizes the Cell Track? opx for getting GSM location information and setting profiles – soon to be released
– IconEdit (alternative link) – Icon Editor for the Communicator (allows to create icon sets for use in OPL programs)
CombineMBM (alternative link) – a small application that can combine several bitmaps into an MBM-file (essentially a basic Symbian version of BMConv with a nicer GUI) – soon to be released
– iDesk (alternative link) – small but versatible application for starting applications and opening documents on the Communicator, includes taskmanagers, hotkeys, passwordmanagement and more – developed in tandem with Roman Keller

– abScrollbar.opm – very basic scrollbar module (needs Opl Utils.opx? for retrieving system colors)
– abMBMViewer.opm – MBM viewer module (needs Opl Utils.opx? for retrieving system colors and creating dialog titles)
– abListbox.opm – module for dialogs with lists (needs Opl Utils.opx? for retrieving system colors and creating dialog titles)

– RSCEdit – resource editor for OPL programmers, needs to be ported from EPOC R5
– EPOC Explorer – Windows explorer clone for EPOC, needs to be ported from EPOC R5 (need to port some OPX’s first though)
C++ Projects:
– MondoPondo for the Communicator, ported from UIQ
– Array.opx? – an OPX for dynamic length string arrays – maybe included in the next OPL release
– Opl Utils.opx? – an OPX with lots of useful functions for OPL programmers with a Communicator (access to all standard Communicator dialogs, get/set application colors etc) – under development
– App Info.opx? – an OPX that allows you to find out which programs are installed on your Communicator, retrieve program icons, capabilities etc – under development
– work on OPL SourceForge Project bugs and features.

– Make SIS? – port Make SIS? to the Communicator now that the source code is freely available from Symbian, so you can create your sis files right on the device
– port some ER5 OPX’s to the 9200/9500