What’s this [A] in front of topics?

The first OPL development forum were setup on a free board provider. But, due to the total lack of support there, I decided to host the forum under AllAboutOPL (a … Continue Reading →

Problem With Idesk 1.33, impossible to start iDesk

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Opl And Text Based Development, Inquiry about Screenmngr

Hi everyone, I just joined (i’ll introduce myself right after this). I am wondering if there’s a way to save and restore parts of the text screen (I define text … Continue Reading →

Reading Jotter Database

Posted by: huy Posted: Oct 18 2005, 08:38 PM Hi, I have lots of data in my Jotter file and would like to export it. I did a hex dump … Continue Reading →

Reading Serial Port?

Posted by: jumpjack Posted: Oct 26 2005, 12:46 PM I found some old OPL sources to read serial port using old PSIONs, but they don’t work for UIQ. Is there … Continue Reading →

OPL v1.56 released for all Communicators.

Version 1.56 OPL for the Nokia Communicator is a full release for all Nokia Communicators (92xx, 9300, 9500). Since in this version all known bugs (except one) in the OPL … Continue Reading →

Spamming and advertisements will not be tolerated

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Posted by: vvvnsk Posted: Nov 19 2005, 08:56 AM Is it possible somehow to get the file? Thank you!

C++ Wrapper

Tried to build the aif and app files as per instructions included with the srcopl154b.zip ‘bldmake bldfiles’ seems to work ‘abld build’ has an error in that the command ‘nmake’ … Continue Reading →

Buy: Apple Iphone 8GB/Nokia n95/D-wade SK3/Xbox 360/Nokia E9

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